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Sheri McInnis is a Canadian writer born in Sudbury, Ontario,Canada.

As an author, she's worked with some of the most successful agents and editors in the business, including those responsible for such hits as THE NANNY DIARIES, SEXY AND THE CITY and THE COUPLE NEXT DOOR. Her first novel, DEVIL MAY CARE (Simon & Schuster/Atria) was an US WEEKLY Hot Book Pick, and her second, BY INVITATION ONLY (co-written with Jodi Della Femina and published by St. Martin's Press) was recommended by In Style, Booklist and many others. She has a degree in Radio and Television Arts from Ryerson University and lives in Toronto with her husband, an independent documentary producer.


Image result for sudbury secondary school
Sudbury Secondary School
Secretary Student Council
(Terrible truancy case. I was usually busy writing.)

Laurentian University
First Year General Arts
(Trying to figure out my 'backup plan' for being a writer.)

Ryerson University
Bachelor, Radio and Television Arts
(My Backup Plan. Btw you need a backup plan for Radio and TV, too. So that was a bad idea.)


Image result for ckso radio
I handed out these buttons in 1979 when
CKSO Radio went to 50,000 Watts
CKSO Radio/TV - "Sungirl" - Sudbury
Cut ribbons at mall openings, kissed sweaty MVP's at Sudbury Wolves hockey games, was generally paid to be friendly.

Burger Pit - Counter Server - Sudbury
Food Court burger joint where my boss - a Greek ex-pat - taught me about literature, politics and that 'left-wing' and 'right-wing' are more than positions on the ice in hockey. Archie moved back to Athens several years ago, but we're still in touch.

Science North  - Chemistry Demonstrationist - Sudbury
Blew things up for a living in the main theatre the first summer it opened. Was fired for endangering the lives of audience members. It's a long story.

Image result for the gate movie images
Maple Leaf Gardens - Server, Hot Stove Lounge - Toronto
My roommate Bettina, a German Hospitality student at Ryerson, got me this job. I served prime rib and potatoes to hockey players and fancy guests during periods. I also got fired from this job. For spilling prime rib and potatoes on the fancy guests.

The Gate Movie - Minion
Not the cute yellow kind of minion, but the nasty kind from the 1980s horror flick The Gate. My other roommate, Alison - a stunt woman - got me this gig when they needed one other person to dress up in forty pounds of latex and jump around foam caves all day long. If you ever check it out, I'm the minion who can't jump as high as all the other minions. This is what we looked like.

Image result for mr. dressup
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Children's Television: Clerk, Production Secretary, Production Coordinator.
I booked travel, did streeter interviews, filed things, typed things, etc.  I also met my childhood surrogate TV father, Ernie Combs - aka Mr. Dressup - and yes, he was the most incredible, funny warm person you could ever meet! RIP, Mr. Dressup. :(

Image result for cbcAudience Relations:  Communications Officer, Head Writer
My dream of 'earning a living off my writing by the time I hit 28' came true when I got this job ... answering audience letters and complaints for the CBC.
(Note to self: Be more specific when formulating dreams.)

Father: Railwayman
My dad was the dispatcher in Missanabie, a very remote village in Northern Ontario. We lived in the back of the train station. You've heard of girls from the wrong side of the tracks? Well, I'm actually from the tracks.

Mother: Legal secretary
My parents were divorced in 1969 so my mom became a single mother before the term even existed. We moved in with my grandparents and lived with them for years.

Married 1998 to Mark McInnis, a TV producer I met at the CBC. No children. No pets. I'm allergic. To pets, I mean! Children I can handle for at least two days - if my nephew is any indication.


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Devil May Care  (Simon & Schuster/Atria 2003)

This is a dark comic novel about an actress who falls in love with the devil. It was actually inspired by my early relationship with Mark - who made me so happy and changed my life so much, I actually thought he was the devil for a couple of months. I didn't tell anyone this at the time. In a world of shopaholics and nannies I thought saying that my book about the devil was semi-autobiographical would be in bad taste. The book went through a huge editing job to try to make it more chick-lit, btw. I don't think I was 100% effective, so I understand that reader on Amazon who was 'confused.'

By Invitation Only (MacMillan/St. Martin's Press 2009)

Jodi and me on Georgica Beach in East Hampton
while I was there researching 'By Invitation Only.'
I co-wrote this book with Jodi Della Femina - New York and Hamptons social fixture, and daughter of original Madman, Jerry Della Femina. She's also a cookbook author and the creator of 'Jodi's Shortcuts,' a popular Hamptons guidebook. Jodi and I had the same ICM agent at the time - though I've been dropped since - who teamed us up when Jodi decided she wanted to write a book about a beach wedding in the Hamptons. This novel is a straight-ahead chick-lit story about what happens when a poor local girl marries a rich summer guy.  Jodi spent every summer of her life in the Hamptons so she had lots of memories and stories about the place. Growing up poor, I knew not everyone gets to see the Hamptons, so I wanted the book to feel like a trip there. I think it worked! So if you can't stomach the exorbitant rental fees or the crowds, this is the next best thing!

Facts about my unique hometown: 

Sudbury is a small mining town about three hundred miles north of Toronto, Ontario. 

Image result for sudbury
Left: Science North. Used to have a summer job there. 
We were semi-famous for having the Apollo astronauts come visit us in the late Sixties to apparently practice driving the moon buggy over our rocky terrain. 100 years of mining and acid rain had killed all the trees so Sudbury looked more like the surface of the moon than any other place on the planet. Which was sort of flattering and insulting at the same time.

Image result for big nickelI was five when the Apollo mission touched down on the moon.  You know the whole 'one small step for man' thing? I kept expecting Neil Armstrong to say "And thanks to Sudbury for all the rocks!" He never did, of course. I felt miffed.

Sudbury also has the world's biggest nickel. Though I'll save you the trip. It's not that big. It's pretty big - and definitely the biggest one anyone's bothered to make - but if you're expecting, like, a seven thousand foot nickel, not so much.

Oh yes, we also used to have the world's tallest smokestack.  (That honour now goes to India.)  It was staring out the window at the 'Superstack' that I remember starting to write my first novel, Torture Island. I was about ten at the time and it was about an island where people got tortured. Obviously.

btw, NASA was actually in Sudbury to study the second largest meteorite impact on earth. A meteorite figures heavily in HUNTER'S MOON btw. So do rocks, minerals, crystals and underground shafts. And there's an island where people get tortured in the sequel. Huh.

By the way, a huge award-winning re-greening effort brought all the trees back! Sudbury is now one of the greenest - and friendliest - towns in the world. It's inspiring to go home and see how change is really possible. Couldn't get a moon buggy through all those trees if you tried.

Final Sudbury highlight: Alex Trebek was born there. We went to the same high school. Home towns for six hundred, Alex?

Image result for alex trebekTo be continued ...