Thursday, September 14, 2017

September Update!

As a writer, I spent years putting all my eggs in one basket, thinking this novel or that novel was going to hit the bestseller lists and just let me sit back and enjoy the ride.

Nope! As far as I'm concerned, in today's competitive market, it helps if you diversify. That means not relying on a single project to make your dreams come true, but finding more than one outlet for your creativity.

This summer I've been working on screenplays, a great new thriller I'm really excited about, and Book 2 in the HUNTER'S MOON trilogy. I've got so many stories whirling around in my head right now, I'm not sure what's real and what's not! My sleep patterns are all screwed up, too (sometimes I'm writing in the middle of the night!). And often, I'm not even sure what day of the week it is. (Thursday, right? Yeah. Thursday.) But I actually enjoy working on different stories. I personally find it gives me more energy and creativity.

But I plan to pick up the blog again this fall! I've got lots more to share about what it's really like getting a book deal (it's like a survival guide to the New York publishing world), including a special two-part post called HOW TO FIND AN AGENT (Really), because when other writers hear I've been traditionally published by Big 5 houses, that's the question I hear more than anything else: Yeah, but how did you find an agent in the first place?! This post has so much great info, I'm really excited to get it out there! Plus I have lots of interviews I want to do. Man, have my writer friends had an exciting and successful summer! I'm so proud of them!

Marcee Corn, the author of the wonderful memoir UNCLAIMED BAGGAGE and the great new thriller ALWAYS THADDEUS, is in England where she'll be feted at some wonderful book-signing events. One of UK artist James Mackenzie's paintings graces the cover of ALWAYS THADDEUS and he'll be appearing with Marcee, with an exhibit of his work, too. (There are some author links below!)

Always Thaddeus

Annelisa Christensen won the Readers' Favorite bronze award for her incredible historical novel THE POPISH MIDWIFE. She'll be traveling to Miami in November to claim her prize and schmooze with all kinds of agents, editors and writers at the Miami Book Fair. So exciting!! Huge congrats, Annelisa!
The Popish Midwife

Theresa Snyder, the prolific author of more than twenty great books, in all genres from memoir to fantasy, has also recently signed an agreement with an L.A. production company to produce an animated film of her acclaimed series, THE FARLOFT CHRONICLES. Farloft is one special dragon and he's gained the most incredible fans over the years. It seems he's about to stretch his wings to reach an even wider audience - on the screen! Big congrats to Theresa, too!
James and the Dragon

I've got lots of other interviews I want to do as well, with talented indie and traditional authors, like M.J. LaBeff, Kerensa Jennings, Ellie Douglas, Linda Abbott, B. Adrian White, Gordon A. Wilson, and others. Plus I want to blog BOOK DEAL SECRETS chapter by chapter, just so you can be prepared for your big break in the publishing world.

I'm also going to be officially launching my Writer's Coach sideline business. I've helped quite a few authors over the years, both clients and colleagues, and I'm excited to expand this part of my career. (Details below!)

And of course, as always, I'll be writing, writing, writing, too! So if I thought I had a busy summer, it's going to be an even crazier fall!

Anyway, I've missed you!! Thanks for stopping by! Subscribe to the blog if you want to be first in line to read HOW TO FIND AN AGENT (Really). I'll post it soon. btw I've had quite a bit of feedback from other writers about this post and I think it's going to help you a lot. Because it's not just about you finding your agent - it's about your agent finding you!

In the meantime, here are some links to peruse!
Annelisa Christensen's Script Alchemy
Kerensa Jennings'
Ellie Douglas'
Linda Abbott's Ten Days In Paradise
B. Adrian White
Gordon A. Wilson's
James Mackenzie's

For potential coaching, please email telling me a bit about yourself, your Work-in-Progress and your goals as a writer. Please put Writer's Coach or something like that in the subject line so I don't lose you! The first 15-minute consultation is free - just to see if we're a good fit - and can be done over the phone, by email, or Twitter DM. Whether you need creative help, advice about agents or the publishing world, general feedback, or a supportive shoulder to cry on (because this crazy business is never easy!) I can help!

Thanks again for stopping by! Happy Writing and see you soon!

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