Thursday, April 7, 2016


So excited for the cover reveal for
The Witches of Ashford Place!!

This is my third novel - but the first I'm self-publishing! If you follow the blog, you know I've been sharing my experiences in the traditional publishing world with writers who want to go that route.

It was a thrilling adventure, but there were so many twists and turns that I wasn't prepared for. I think I would've been more successful if I'd known what to expect.

So follow and make the most of your big break! 

Next time, I'll be talking about international rights: what happens, what doesn't and everything in between!

btw, the process of getting the cover I love for HUNTER'S MOON has been fun in itself. I'll have lots more to say about it. But for now, I have to give a BIG THANKS to, especially Debbie and Lauren, who were responsible for my fabulous new cover ... and were so great to work with! If you're an indie writer, you have to check them out!