Wednesday, December 23, 2015

2015: Book Deal Survival Guide Review!

I tried writing my regular post last week and it just got so long-winded, it wasn't fair to any of us - especially over the holidays!! ;) So the Book Deal Survival Guide will begin again in the New Year!!

In the meantime, here's a review of all the BDSG posts so far. If you've missed any, you can catch up. If you've read them all, check out my Best Plot Hack Ever! Or this one, How I Deal With 'Failure.'

Here goes:

#1: Taking Notes From Your Agent 

#2: Taking Notes from Your Editor

#3: Avoid Panic Editing

#4: Assistants - The Devil Wears A Headset

#5: Your Editor Is Not Your BFF

#6: Book Advances - All About The $$$!

#7: Catalogue Copy - "We Need It By Tomorrow!"

I'm going to try and catch up on my editing over the break, so that's what I'm up to if I'm scarce. In 2016, we'll be covering book covers, copy editing, touring and a whole lot more!

Merry Christmas!!
And Happy New Year!!

Hope 2016 is the best ever!! 

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  1. Not having got this far, as being punished (an agent is reading my book now), I found the insights of your experiences very helpful. If the agent doesn't take my book on, I'm quite prepared to self-publish, but if he does, it was very helpful to read your thoughts on the process (all 6 articles)....a little self preparation never goes amiss! :-)