Friday, October 2, 2015

Do It Wrong: Get It Right

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I'm late: but not stressed. Not yet anyway. ;) 

I'm about a month away from having to upload THE HUNTER'S MOON to - at least if I want to hit my self-imposed release date.

If you follow all the self-publishing gurus - and I'm familiar with most of them - from Chandler Bolt of Self-Publishing School, a college dropout who's on track to earn a million dollars this year from his books and courses; to indie veterans like Joanna Penn, Joel Friedlander and dozens more, I am way behind schedule.

Right now I should be cozying up to the people on my massive e-mail list, making sure they're going to leave great reviews, hitting Twitter and Facebook with teasers, promos and book cover reveals, sending pitches to journalists and reviewers, holding a giveaway on, blogging a couple times a week, guest blogging a couple of other times, and talking all about it on my schmancy website - which of course will be full of professional photographs of me.

Do you know what I have of that? 

Nothing. Nada. No cover. No website. No pro author pic. No email list. All I have so far is the book - and that's still out to my beta readers so I still have editing to do on top of all these other things.

But I only decided to self-publish three months ago, which didn't give me a lot of time to get everything done.

Meaning, I should be panicked - but I'm not. Because I've been busy doing all the small things I should've years ago: like joining Twitter and Facebook and researching websites, photographers, designers, etc.

I'll get it done - eventually.

BEcasue this is the way I've always been. It hasn't been easy, it hasn't been pretty - but I always get things done in the end. And that's what I'm counting on this time, too.

Because being an author is a lifelong endeavour.

You're never going to stop writing, you're never going to stop publishing, and you're never going to stop promoting your books. So you might as well just settle into the routine that fits your soul.

Yes, learn what the experts say and hit as many of those bases as possible. But most importantly, relax. Follow your heart. And be yourself.

Because - in contrast to my normal slacker M.O. - I hit every single deadline that was ever presented to me in the publishing world. My editors waxed poetic about how great I was to work with. I literally agonized over every step of both of my book deals.

But following the rules didn't work for me. Now that I'm going indie, I might as well just be myself.

Without getting too philosophical or new age-y, I believe we all have to be ourselves in order to find happiness and fulfillment in our lives. Whether we're writing books, painting houses or sailing the ocean blue.

So one month from now, it'll be interesting to see where I am ... 

In the meantime, I did manage to check one box off my indie author's To Do list: a guest post for Gordon A. Wilson's popular blog Thank heaven for Gordon!

The post is all about a writer's dream-come-true: my first book tour. I tried to do everything right for that too - but as you'll see, absolutely everything went wrong anyway! ;) If you haven't read it, check it out on!


  1. Your fans are cheering for you to "be yourself" and wish you great success with breaking free. Can't wait for your new book!

  2. I'm with you on that! You were born to be yourself and that's what will sustain your work as someone who carries stories. It's your calling.