Friday, September 25, 2015

My 3 Biggest Book Deal Lessons


I'm still shopping for cover designers for my next book. This is another Fiverr version. I wanted to share it, just to clock the evolution of what it's like trying to do this for yourself! We see so many gorgeous covers on indie books, but it doesn't always happen the first try!

Anyway, last time I talked about how the book cover on my first novel wasn't 'free' just because I didn't pay for it out of pocket.

But I've been thinking about it and, man, that was a really ungrateful thing to say. Because I got a really generous advance from Simon & Schuster for that book. Plus they sent me on two book tours. Paid for my meals, my flights, my hotels, a publicist to escort me from coast-to-coast here in Canada and author escorts to drive me around the U.S. Midwest. They really believed in me, so they sunk a bundle into that book.

At the time, I thought, this is it! I'm going to be a bestseller any day now!

Little did I know that twelve years down the road, I'd have no agent, no publisher and no book deal in sight.

The whole experience was really painful because I was raised on the glamorous success stories we all hear.

Whether it's how many times James Patterson got rejected (or J.K. Rowling or Stephanie Meyer or
** insert famous author here **). These are the things that fuel us as writers because we think eventually it's going to happen to us, too.

Yet most published authors have to live with regret, failure and challenges. Including me! So I think the biggest lessons I learned from my book deals were these:

1) I should've been more realistic.

2) I should've been less emotional.

3) I especially should've been more grateful!

Because constantly comparing my own experience to those fantasies I'd read about made it very difficult to feel satisfied. I don't think I was effective - or happy - because of it.

So wherever you are on your path as a writer, remember to be grateful every step of the way. It's a journey almost everyone wants to take, but not everyone gets to make.

If you're having problems being grateful - about anything! - I love this sign I saw on a high school classroom wall once:



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I also want to talk about why you're in the best spot of your career - if you're NOT published! But more on that later!

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