Friday, September 4, 2015

"Dreams Really Do Come True"

Think Cinderella is just a fairy tale? Wrong!

I'm still in the middle of getting all the manuscripts of THE HUNTER'S MOON together for my beta readers. Everyone has requested a hard copy so I actually did a huge print job. That way readers can just make notes on the pages themselves - which will be helpful. (Recycled paper btw, plus my printer TPH has a great tree-planting program so I don't feel quite as guilty.) I'm excited for feedback. And nervous and terrified and kind of going insane actually ... 

However - the big story this week is something else altogether! I want to link to another one of Gordon A. Wilson's guest blog posts on

Author Michele Barrow-Belisle has shared her real-life Cinderella story with him and it's incredible. From being told her first novel would never work, to not only becoming a bestseller, but getting the film rights to her book sold - using Twitter - it's unbelievable! Not only that, the producers have her working on the script too. Usually these people just want you to disappear. 

I first read about Michele's story in an article that showed up in my Twitter feed. It was in the London Community News, all about a local author scoring big in Hollywood. I thought she must be from London, England (that would be my Canadian inferiority complex), but she's actually from London, Ontario - about two hours away! Amazing.

I think we're going to be hearing a lot about Michele in the future. Her story is blowing up on Twitter. She's so natural and down-to-earth it makes the whole thing even better! Read all about it in her own words on Gordon's blog -

btw Gordon's incredible journey as an author is still to come - in his guest post for me which I'll put up soon. (I'm in the middle of his book Firetok btw - so mystical, suspenseful, lyrical ... a real treat!) 

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