Thursday, September 10, 2015

A Book, A Blog & A Big White Dog

I recently wrote a guest post for Gordon Wilson's blog about why I'm going indie on my third novel. I got such great feedback, I feel lucky to have entered Gordon's blogosphere.

His blog,, has attracted a lot of attention for his honest thoughts about writing, inspiration and life - including guest posts from authors like Julie Anne Hacker - who wrote a great piece about the inspirational nature of horror - and Michele Barrow-Belisle who basically broke the internet with her real-life Cinderella story about selling the movie rights to her book.

But Gordon isn't just a blogger. He's an author too. He doesn't talk about it very much because he's not 100% comfortable with self-promotion. But his first novel, Firetok, was self-published a couple years ago. 

I ordered it shortly after I met Gordon on Twitter. Not just because he's smart and generous and has been my personal IT department for the last few weeks. But because of the book's ratings! 

86% of his reviews are five stars! Wow! And all the rest are four stars! Having stewed over my own mixed reviews, I'm truly blown away by some of these comments:

"Firetok is a quick read and full of fleshed out characters I cared about immediately ..."

"Well written thriller by unknown author. I hope he has more to come ..."

"The vividness of the story really allowed me to create the scenes in my head which is what I crave as a reader - well done!"

Someone even bought the paperback and e-version, so he could take it everywhere.

Readers have obviously responded not just to someone who's managed to publish a book - which is hard enough. But to a novelist who's written a story people really care about - with characters they actually love. It's the hardest part of being a writer - and he's already got that part down.

By the way, I just finished the book yesterday. It's mysterious, mystical and full of suspense. About one man's journey to find his destiny with the help of an enigmatic character called 'the old man.' On his way he meets crooked cops, a tough damsel in distress - and a big white dog named Firetok.

Gordon's style is part Stephen King, part Jack Kerouac - lyrical without being saccharine. The characters are unique and memorable - and the climax is killer. It's the kind of book that has a vision behind it. You're never sure where you're going, only that you want to be there. From mystical hallucinations in a cave to a team of secret crime-fighters who can get anything done, it's a thriller with a touch of magic. 

I know how humble Gordon is - so I'll leave it there for now. But if you want to check it out, here's Firetok on

By the way, Gordon and I have gone back and forth about this. He originally wrote a guest post for me about his journey as a writer. But when I read it, I thought his readers would enjoy the full story behind the birth of both the blog and the book. It's a story that, like everything else about Gordon, will inspire you to believe in yourself - and others, too.

I'll have to hound him for another guest post later. ;) 

Check it out on