Friday, August 28, 2015

Huge Thanks!

Image result for thank youI'm absolutely BLOWN AWAY by the reaction to my guest post for Gordon Wilson's blog about why I'm going indy on my third book. Writers are so interested in what the real world of publishing is like.

Because we only ever hear the happy stories - usually hard cases that ended up being huge successes. 

Like J.K. Rowling who was rejected 12 times.  Stephen King who had 'Carrie' rejected 30 times. Or Robert M. Persig's cult classic 'Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Repair' which got rejected 121 times! Even James Patterson's first novel had 32 different rejection letters. This list about famous rejected authors from Buzzfeed is fun to read btw.

All these stories have happy endings, of course. Which is why we all know about them. And these are the ones we remember, the stories that fuel and inspire us. Stories that - for better or worse - make us believe with all our hearts that getting published will be our happy ending too.

I know that's what I believed when I inked my first book deal. That all my problems would be over. But the real world of publishing is - as my first editor told me after my novel tanked -  'a tough business.'

My problem was this: because I believed all these fantasies, I was so ashamed it never turned out that way for me. I thought there was something 'wrong' with me. I felt like such a failure, I actually stopped writing fiction for years. 

I don't think I ever would've shared the story about why I'm going indy if Gordon hadn't reached out to me on Twitter, just casually curious about my decision. 

I'm so grateful to him!! He's written a guest post for me too. But I'm right in the middle of editing for my beta readers and I want to be able to devote as much time to getting his post right as possible. Twitter, Facebook and share widgets included!!

(Which I haven't figured out how to do yet! Great idea, self-publishing, when I don't know how to attach a freaking Twitter widget.)

But I hadn't blogged in a while so I just wanted to touch base and say THANK YOU!! I feel so grateful for all the support and interest in this story. 

Because there are waaaaaaay more writers out there with a story like mine than Stephen King's. 


Here's Gordon's blog Firetok. Since I guested, he's already got some great new posts about horror - and other musings on being a writer. Check out his first book Firetok on Amazon too. I've already ordered it and can't wait to jump in. Looks like a spine-tingler!!  

Here's Gordon on Twitter @gordona_wilson

Hit me up too @SLMcInnis. Some day - very soon - I'm going to figure this widget thing out!! Promise! 

If you haven't seen it, here's that post 'The Top 5 Reasons I'm Self-Publishing - Instead of Going Back to the Big Guys' on

By the way, don't let my story discourage you. Publishers are ALWAYS looking for great first-timers - and some of you will hit it big! :)