Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Hey Gorgeous!

We've all secretly suspected it. Even musicians have crooned about it in songs like "The Girls All Look Prettier at Closing Time.

Guys call it the 'beer goggle effect.' Once you're drunk (and desperate for a booty call) everyone looks better. But now there's scientific proof that drinking actually does make us all more good looking.

A (crazy!) new study out of Bristol University was conducted on students to rate how attractive they found people of the opposite sex when they were drinking. Turns out that after one drink, everyone was rated as being more attractive than when they were sober. Researchers hypothesize it's because alcohol relaxes the muscles in our faces, flushes our cheeks and dilates our pupils. All signs of health and youth. 

Alcohol can make your seem more attractive

Careful though, because after more than one drink, we start getting less attractive again. Bad news for bartenders who kind of rely on us to drink until we're all red-eyed, slobbering and stumbling our way home. 

By the way, this study is something everyone should keep in mind as Spring Break season is upon us. Never mind sunburns, Binge Drinking is one of the biggest risks young adults face when they get together during reading week.  Alcohol poisoning, accidents and dumb decisions regarding everything from driving to sex can put a real damper on the fun. So - girls and boys - stay safe and stay attractive during Spring Break this year: drink less! 

You can spend all that extra money on souvenirs for mom. And SPF. 

Here's more on that whacky study from The Telegraph