Friday, March 13, 2015

Ch-ch-changes ...

Check out the new spring green template! 

Obvi making some changes to the blog here! I'm still committed to alcohol cleansing – in fact, my next 28-day cleanse starts next week, so I'll continue blogging about it here. But I'm also going to be expanding Ms. Functional to incorporate other parts of my life. Because – believe it or not – my world is about more than just drinking. ;)
            I truly am passionate about my fiction. Always have been. I'm just finishing up the first draft of the sequel to my paranormal series, THE HUNTER'S MOON. I'm writing the second book before even releasing the first one because I want to have a serious package together for my next venture. Plus … I love to write, so it's really not hard to get me to sit alone in the darkness of my office for hours (months, years!) doing nothing but writing and re-writing.  
            Unfortunately (for me) I don't really like to promote myself very much. Am I just polite? Am I insecure? Am I lazy? I don't know! But I'm determined to get better at it because promotion is such a big part of the writer's job right now.  Hopefully, I won't get too inyerface about it. ;)            
            One of my other passions is less public.
            'Natural wellness' sounds less ageist, so we could also call it that. Some of you may have already guessed this because several of my blog posts veer off into more general health topics. But I'm serious here: I'm passionate about natural anti-aging.  In the same way I developed the Cleanse System, I've got myriad anti-aging hints that are natural, easy, effective – and cheap! Just like me! I mean, just like cleansing! I'm going to start sharing them here, too. 
            I'll also be posting videos about both wellness and writing, plus just stuff about life, like reviews and such. Plus I've added an excerpt of THE CLEANSE SYSTEM to this blog. It's about the first quarter of the book and I'll update with new chapters and hints regularly. Check out the tab above to start reading! My husband has written the forward (unasked!) and I think I cried the first seventeen times I read it ...