Thursday, January 1, 2015

It's the Wine Talking

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Hope 2015 brings us all health & happiness!!

I did have an article about a 38-year-old woman who drank herself to death in the UK. But I thought ... wtf? Frick that! Too depressing!! Instead ... a joke:

A woman is sipping wine at home with her husband. Suddenly she says, "I love you so much, I don't think I could live without you." The husband says, "Is that you talking - or the wine?" She says, "That's me - talking to the wine."


Hope you have a long, lazy New Year's Day. And that the the hangover munchkins are far behind you. As for me, I'm bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. But about to enjoy a little bubbly. ;)

And - of course - the countdown to normalcy is on again. The holidays are almost over ...

btw - the joke is inspired by one in a recent edition of 'Toronto Street News.' Nothing like helping the homeless - and getting a chuckle too. ;)