Sunday, December 14, 2014

Tis the Season!

Another hangover-free Sunday morning!! Yayy!! Good thing, too. With the holidays coming up.

The whole rationale behind the Cleanse System was to make my life more enjoyable - not less. As I started developing the plan, I realized it seemed self-punishing taking cleanse days during the holidays when everyone else is in party mode and it gets harder to organize your schedule. So part of the plan has always been: no cleanse days during the holidays!!

(Unless of course, you're on your long cleanse. You want to finish the full six months sober. It's not impossible! My first long cleanse went through the holidays and into the New Year - and you know what? It was fine!! Plus my skin looked way better in the Christmas pics. Plus I won all the family Trivial Pursuit games because everyone else was too drunk to remember their own names, let alone anything else.)

Anyway, the break-free break ends up being somewhere between 2-3 weeks (depending on when Christmas falls and when your normal cleanse days are). But as much of a perk as it is, it doesn't mean you should get plastered every night until after the New Year's Eve decorations fall down on their own. It's about enjoying the holidays like a 'normal' person - not ending up in a drunk tank. So be reasonable and look after yourself!

btw I wanted to sign off saying Cheers and Happy Holidays and whatnot!! :) But that song "Christmas Shoes" just came on the radio. You know where the little boy is buying shoes for his mom in case she 'meets Jesus' tonight? Oh God, like the most depressing holiday song ever. But for some reason I love it. If you feel like getting choked up - just to balance all the happy hullabaloo of the holidays - here ya go! With 5 million plus YouTube hits, it's tugged at the heartstrings of quite a few Scrooges I bet! (And it's only a film school vid!)