Saturday, December 20, 2014

Jell-O Bells

Okay ... to be honest, I'm more the pop and pour type of drinker. Except for the odd kir royale for special occasions, I don't get very experimental in the cocktail department at home. And seeing as kir royale only has two ingredients - bubbly and creme de cassis - that doesn't make me a superstar bartender.

But I couldn't resist at least watching this YouTube demo and dreaming about a day when I'm ambitious enough to collect five or six ingredients together and then spend two hours assembling them into one of the most gorgeous cocktails I've ever seen!! Christmas Jell-O Shots.

Brought to us by the geniuses at Drink Lab, an Australian company that specializes in schmancy cocktails, this one will surely impress even the most fussy guests at your holiday get-togethers. Plus if you have one too many, you can't spill 'em!! Bonus! ;)

Speaking of spirits, did you know that Jingle Bells - that innocent Christmas standard - was actually a drinking song? The 'one-horse open sleigh' thing was really about a Justin Bieber-type drag race - only with horse carriages in the snow, not rental Lambo's in Miami. ;) Check it out!

I'm off to do Aunt Duty now, trying to find the last Elsa doll in the city for my niece. If you see me  looking harried, worried and stressed, Jell-O shots (or any facsimile thereof) much appreciated!

p.s. Loving this no cleanse days this, btw! 'Tis the season!!