Saturday, November 1, 2014

Day 21 - "Thanks Alcohol!"

omg - Day 21 is a huge milestone, one of the most welcome of the entire cleanse: 3/4 of the way through! One measly week left to go! Now is the time you start realizing how great life can be. ;)

Honestly, I have no complaints about this cleanse. It's been one of the easiest ever. I know I was quite fatigued for the first few days, probably partly because of the move, but it passed quickly and I've had tons of energy, clarity and positivity ever since.

It's also been great being in a new place. All the old habits are gone. Where you used to shop for alcohol, where you used to store alcohol, where you used to drink it - from pub patios to your living room - all memories. I think it's going to be very healthy for me to develop a whole new drinking pattern in the new place. So if you're having trouble controlling your drinking and don't want to cleanse ... consider moving. ;)

Alberta has just started running some controversial - and pretty hilarious - ads aimed at curbing binge drinking among youth. The campaign is called "Thanks Alcohol!" Little cartoon captions show everything from a young couple lying awkwardly in bed next to each other the morning after to a dude puking on a girl's dress. The caption of course - a thumbs up and "Thanks Alcohol!"

’Thanks alcohol’ anti-binge drinking ads hit Alberta

Hilarz!! However, Dr. Louis Francescutti a professor at the University of Alberta, author and public speaker, is doubtful it will have a positive effect on binge drinking among young adults. Not only because binge drinking is so entrenched in youth culture, but also because people under 24 are basically incapable of thinking long term - especially when it comes to their health.

(Ahhh. Fond sigh. I remember those days well. Sorta.)

For more info - and a few laughs - check out this article from the Edmonton Sun and Here's hoping the campaign helped a few kids avoid getting their stomachs pumped after Halloween parties last night. Because you don't want to be thanking alcohol for that.

btw no crazy Halloween parties for me this year - obvi. But I can toast the ghosts next week ... cuz only 7 days left to go!