Sunday, October 12, 2014

Day 1 - Onward Through the Fog!

My fall 2014 cleanse starts today! It's day one. A beautiful sunny Sunday morning. I'm in our new place - we moved on Wednesday. What a week it's been. What a couple of weeks it's been actually. Weddings. Anniversaries. My birthday. And of course, the move itself which was a ton of work. I was definitely glad not to be cleansing during that. I don't recommend alcohol cleansing when you have enormous jobs to do - especially ones that disrupt your personal space. Like moves and major renovations. At the end of a hard day, you really enjoy that lovely little buzz a drink will give you. In fact, you could enjoy that at the beginning of a hard day, too. ;) Well, maybe not the very crack of dawn beginning, of course. ;) Though ... hmmmm.  Sounds good, too.

This is the first time I've started a cleanse on a Sunday. But I wanted to get through the move - with a few days of celebration to settle in. That originally brought me to starting my cleanse yesterday - Saturday. But we had friends in town and they wanted to meet up for drinks so I nudged the cleanse to start today, Sunday. You can do that. Your cleanse start day is not carved in stone. You have the freedom to switch the day any time - as long as you're not putting off the start date until - forever? But when something comes up - like an unexpected invitation you want to accept, if you feel comfortable, go for it! 

Last night we had our first 'real' dinner in the new place. Spaghetti Bolognese and - yes! - a bottle of red wine for the last time in a month. I had a minor moral dilemma when it came to the white however. There on the door of the fridge were 1.2 bottles. A full sealed sauvignon blanc - and a single glass of pinot left in the other. The dilemma of course was do I open up the new one and make a real night of debauchery (uh ... that was for Friday, actually ;). Or tuck the sauv blanc in the back of the cupboard until next month. Full of will power and self-control, I stuck it waaaaay in the back of the cupboard. ;) That's another one of my tips: don't leave alcohol lying around on a cleanse. 

So, the countdown begins once again. Four weeks or twenty-eight full days of not drinking. I won't be having wine again until November 9th. Exactly one month from now. You know what? Starting a cleanse on a Sunday feels nice ... I feel ready. I feel happy. I feel peaceful. I don't have any real negative feelings about not drinking for a month because I know it keeps me healthy. In control. And away from A.A. ;)