Thursday, October 16, 2014

Day 5 - Alive and ... wellllll ...

Haha!! Alive and ... welllllll. Get it? Like I'm not sure I'm 'well.'

I'm not gonna lie to you. This has not been the easiest start to a cleanse ever. I've said several times that cleansing when there's a major disruption in your life isn't recommended. Moving is - yuh - majorly disruptive. And it takes a lot more than two or three days to settle in which is what I allowed myself before starting my cleanse.

There are still boxes around. Still things to be sorted out. Still work to be done. Last night, for instance, the hubs and I were up building a bookshelf until 11:30 pm. (Okay, I was just on 'pass me that screw' duty). But I was dragging my slippers, I'll tell ya. I wasn't miserable. But I was tired. From the move, from the cleanse, everything.

The first few days of a cleanse can find you a bit more tired than usual. At least I've found that. Fatigue is a symptom of alcohol withdrawal. I think it's naive of me to think that with my past I'm going to be able to continue drinking - then stop - without having any reaction to it whatsoever. I was an alcoholic. And although I don't qualify as an alcoholic on any of the self-tests available anymore - and that's true - it's silly of me to think that alcohol will not have some kind of addictive effect on me. It's an addictive substance, I've had a history of alcoholism in my family - and, well, I've suffered from the condition in the past.

A couple of things to note here. First of all, the lack of energy associated with abstinence is a function of alcohol on the brains of heavy drinkers. According to the experts, btw, 'heavy drinkers' are people who consume more than eight (8!!?) drinks a week. Uhhhh ... ummmmm ... okaaaaay. That just sounds like a good night to me.

Good God!! I'm KIDDING!! I do not drink that much. On a regular basis. Vegas yah, for sure. And it's spaced out over the course of the day. You know, it starts with bubbly at the breakfast buffet and doesn't stop until the curtain falls on Donnie & Marie's last show. :)

Come on! I'm exaggerating. I do not drink with breakfast - not even in Vegas. But I've been known to sip a tipple poolside just before noon, that's for sure. But what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right? So that doesn't count. ;)

The point is I have more than 8 drinks a week when I'm on a drinking cycle. But the key thing here is, when I'm on a drinking cycle. The whole foundation of cleansing is that you interrupt your exposure to this addictive substance on a regular basis - both weekly and during the year - thereby avoiding the pitfalls of dependence. The 'rules' help - not drinking at home alone, etc. - but the real magic behind this lifestyle is removing alcohol from your system on a regular basis. That's the genius of this plan.

You'll have to forgive my immodesty. Genius? But on Day 5 of what could never be my easiest cleanse because of the move, I still feel like I'm onto something here. Sure I was tired building bookshelves near midnight last night. But after weeks of prep, the move, the settling in, etc., I'd have been exhausted no matter what. However - I would've gotten an energy boost from a drink that I didn't get last night. But I was not shivering, hallucinating or nauseous with major withdrawal. I was just tired from a move and could really have used a little 'acetate uptake.' ;)

Which brings me to my starting point: alcohol has an energizing effect on the brains of heavy drinkers. It has to do with the metabolism of acetate for energy in the brain. Until recently, sugar was thought to be the only energy the brain could use. But recent studies have shown that heavy drinkers and alcoholics (and the two are two completely different groups, as I know) actually get more of an energy boost from alcohol than light drinkers.

The problem is, heavy drinkers become addicted to this source of energy. So there's another factor contributing to alcohol dependency problems. But that's why cleansing works. You can't really become addicted to this acetate/energy relationship because you do not use it all the time. Two days a week and two months a year, you're on your own.

Check out this post from last April about acetate and alcohol. And here's more info about this extraordinary relationship from the experts.

Btw, I'm happy to report that I have tons of energy today. I feel clear-headed, happy and healthy. Just thank God those shelves are built. ;)

23 days left to go!