Saturday, October 25, 2014

Day 14 - Autumn Nights

Ok - super special milestone day. The halfway mark of the cleanse. I find the last two weeks go by much faster than the first two, so that's a real bonus. :)

I mentioned my niece last time. A sweeter angel has never drawn breath (though it's a tie with her big brother - both my godchildren, too).

Anyway, my niece loves pink. She loves princesses. She loves clothes - even shoes!! However, at just three-years-old, she's an absolute speed demon. If she's on a swing, she has to go 'higher! higher!' If she's on her bike, she has to go 'faster! faster!' She's basically a pint-sized Danica Patrick. 

Because I'm on my cleanse, our last visit to see them was not a non-stop wine day - which family visits usually are. (Yay!) I brought a Red Bull, in case my energy flagged, but I didn't even need it. My energy is right back on track, btw. I drank water - and only water - alllll day and night. :)

I spent most of the afternoon out in the backyard with the kids, using every type of bubble blower imaginable. Big, little, long, short. Then came supper and the kids calmed down - I thought, for the rest of the evening.

But as the adults took to the living room to enjoy their wine, Aunt Sheri was begged to go back outside. Since I cannot say 'no' to them - unless there's actual bodily harm involved - I put on a hoodie and scarf and went back out into the ch-chilly darkness. More running around, more laughing, more playing, more games.

We could barely see each other in the darkness, but I couldn't resist staying out there with them for hours. It reminded me so much of being young this time of year, late October. There's a special feeling to it. The school year is still fresh - but the novelty has worn off so you feel ultra-cool. Halloween is coming up which is always exciting for kids. The grownups are inside getting drunk. You hear their muffled laughter and see their shadows peeking out the window at you. But you're out with your brother or your sister or your cousins or your friends, not listening to anyone call you back. Squeezing all the fun out of a chilly autumn night as you can. And I'm not talking about being a teenager when fall nights start being about flirting, smoking - and, of course, drinking. I'm talking about that innocent younger stage. When staying out playing silly games in the dark was enough.

I'm not sure if I would have had the energy - or the desire - to do that if I had been drinking. I'm not fond of the feeling of wine sloshing in my stomach unless there's a dance floor involved. At the very least, I would've had to duck back inside the house for a few gulps of auntie juice every now and again which would bring a different vibe to the night. ;)

So I was glad to be able to be with them - without the (albeit enjoyable) distraction of wine. These are the kinds of things kids remember forever.  So if you have kids - or just borrow them, like me - use your cleanse to take advantage of the extra energy, time and clarity you seem to have. It's a priceless riot!!

14 days left to go!