Friday, September 19, 2014

Not-So-Guilty Pleasure

I'm right in the middle of a move so I don't have a lot of time to write lately! But looking forward to settling back down once ... well, we've settled down!

I've got a cleanse coming up next month. I haven't decided on the day yet, but it'll probably start sometime in the second week of October. I'm glad of the timing - I really didn't want to be moving on a cleanse. I've already mentioned that trying to do toooooo much (anything too demanding or strenuous) can make a cleanse more challenging. You really miss that relaxing/rush you get from a tipple when the day is done. What's even better :) because you don't have to take cleanse days in the two weeks leading up to a cleanse, I won't have to think about that during the move. It'll be non-stop party nights. (Uh-huh. Yeah right.)

Get this ... one of my guilty pleasures in life (which actually doesn't leave me guilty) is this: if I can't sleep and I've been lying awake for hours, which obviously happens when you have lots to think about - like before a move - I just give up and get out of bed.

I pour a small glass of wine - usually red, though last night it was white because we were out of rosso - and have a snack of some kind. I just can't sleep on an empty stomach. Seriously. Once 'Lono' starts grumbling (nicknamed after the Hawaiian god of thunder I thought. Though I just checked and Lono is the actually Hawaiian god of peace, making this a total misnomer, at least until I've made a sacrifice to him), I will not be able to sleep without eating.

So last night I grabbed some raspberries and leftover spaghetti. Raspberries first. Spaghetti second. Not together! I cracked open a bottle of white chilling on the fridge door and poured a teensy glass, like 3 ounces maybe. Usually I flip through something I'm reading or just listen to late night radio. I don't watch TV because apparently the blue light affects your circadian rhythm, stimulating your brain rather than relaxing it, which makes falling asleep harder (read more).

ANYWAY - last night I took my wine and snack into the living room and turned on a single lamp in the darkness. I cuddled up with what I'm reading - The Sober Truth by Dr. Lance Dodes. What a fascinating book.

So there I am in the middle of the night, by myself, reading a book about addiction and how 12-step programs and traditional rehab fail people ... while I'm sipping a glass of wine.  I gotta say, I couldn't help but smile to myself. Because the more I learn about classic addiction treatment, the more confident I feel that what I'm doing is right for me.  So I read a chapter or two, sipped my wine, ate my nibbles and crawled back into bed. Slept like a baby and even had a nice dream. Plus I feel great this morning, too.

btw - I don't make a habit of doing this - having a late nightcap when I can't sleep. And I NEVER do it on a cleanse day. If the clock has already struck midnight and it's a cleanse day, I forgo any wine at all and stick to the food and the book. Though ... it really doesn't work as well. Still, that's just how important I think it is to respect the two cleanse days a week.

btw - MORE controversy about drinking during pregnancy. If you live in Ontario, you've probably seen the LCBO posters warning women to "Love Your Body/Love Your Baby" and not to drink while pregnant. The campaign is in partnership with FASworld Canada, an organization dedicated to raising awareness about Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Incidentally, the research continues to swing wildly between 'yes, light drinking is okay' and 'no, any drinking at all harms your baby.' I don't know how women deal with the situation today. It seems there's a new study contradicting the last new study every other month.  Anyway - here's an article about a woman who's taking the LCBO to task on what she feels is a condescending and misleading campaign.