Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Mood Monitoring

It's a beautiful sunny day today (if a little muggy). It's also a Tuesday and one of my regular cleanse days of the week.

There's something special about taking cleanse days in the summer. Yes, it's fun to be able to have a glass of cold wine on a hot day or hit a patio for your libation of choice after work. But cleanse days have a more serene feeling to them. A calmness. A clarity. I really cherish my cleanse days sometimes. If nothing else, there's a 'different' feeling to them and I think that really helps with the overall quality of a person's life.  The same thing every day - even perfection - would actually become quite dull over time.

It's one of the measuring sticks I use to know that cleansing is still working for me. That I'm not depressed on cleanse days. In the old days, if I did try to 'skip' a day of drinking to get control (and I did try a lot of things before I developed this plan), I would be in such a horrible mood that I usually caved in and poured a glass (or five) anyway.

So to feel peaceful and happy on a cleanse day gives me confidence that the system is continuing to work for me. It's very important to me to monitor the quality of my moods when I'm not drinking. Because I remember very clearly the feeling of depression that overwhelmed me when I couldn't get enough to drink. An entire body-wide sense of despair would swoop and there was nothing I could do to turn it around. Except have another drink. Which stops working anyway. So I relish these days that I can feel relaxed and content without a drink. That's pretty cool.

btw - I missed the eleventh anniversary of my first cleanse last week - Sunday, July 13th. I started that first six-month cleanse on a Sunday too back in 2003 - meaning it was eleven long years ago to the day that I started cleansing regularly. And it's still working. :) Now that's super cool.

So belated Happy Anniversary to me. And just general summertime happiness to you. Enjoy the day - with or without a tipple.

Oh, one more thing. Another great benefit to feeling happy on cleanse days... is that you feel even better when they're over!! :)