Friday, June 6, 2014

Little White Lies

White wine lies, that is. ;) 

A new study by the Centre for Addictions Research at the University of Victoria has found that Canadians under-report how much they drink by about 75%.  

Wine drinkers are most likely to fudge the numbers - not because they're ashamed of how much they drink and/or are too drunk to remember, but because it's very difficult to gauge how many glasses of wine there are in a bottle. Things get tricky that way. Is it six? Is it four? Is it - two?!! Yeah, two - of those nice big honking summertime glasses of wine. Had a few of those in my time. ;) People in the UK also underreport how much they drink btw, so we're not alone. 

How do the science guys figure this all out? It's not mind-reading. It's simple math. About 75% more alcohol is sold in Canada than is reported by the study subjects. 

I don't know what to say about all this. I'm not surprised, that's for sure. Because if I were to tell you that on my first day of drinking last week (Sunday), I followed my own rules and only had two glasses of wine on my first drinking day (I recommend taking it easy coming off a cleanse), I wouldn't be lying exactly. But I would be 'under-reporting.' ;) And I definitely paid for it Monday morning. 

And frankly, well into the afternoon. ;) 

But this is a good thing!! When you drink all the time, I really think your body can start to adjust to what that kind of lifestyle feels like. You wake up in the morning, you have a headache or an upset tummy or whatever and you think - goddamn it! I knew I shouldn't have had that double-pepperoni pizza before going to bed last night. 

Only you know deep down it's not the pizza. It's the booze. 

Cleansing regularly keeps you honest. It keeps you in touch with your health and what it feels like to live without the negative effects of over-drinking all the time. That doesn't mean you won't occasionally do it and deal with the consequences - but, honestly, that can be pretty fun sometimes. 


btw, speaking of overindulging, do you think Montreal might be going a bit overboard with a new proposal to extend drinking hours just a titch? 

By three hours, actually - until 6 a.m. in the morning?!!

Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre is behind the idea saying, "If they can do it in Sydney and Berlin, they can do it here." That's kind of a paraphrase, but you get my point. 

Man, that would be one hell of a long night, no? And here's how it ends: 

Scraping car bumper along brick wall outside drive-thru. 

"Le egg McMuffin and le martini, svp." 

"Mais monsieur, it is only six in the morning!" 

"Oh. You're right. Make that a screwdriver." 

"But of course, monsieur! Drive through, svp!"  

Anyone heading to Montreal by any chance? I'll split the gas. 


I get plenty of drinking done before the sun comes up. ;)