Sunday, May 25, 2014

One Word ...

So - the cleanse is over! It's a brilliant Sunday morning and - although still sober ;) - I'm absolutely elated. The end of a cleanse is like your own personal extra Christmases twice a year. A celebration. A festival. A victory. 

Am I exaggerating? 

Nope. ;) 

One word comes to mind - and that is:


  1. 1.
    God be praised (uttered in worship or as an expression of rejoicing).
    "He is risen! Alleluia!"
  1. 1.
    an utterance of the word “hallelujah” as an expression of worship or rejoicing.

To bring home my point, here's a selection of artists singing Leonard Cohen's classic song by that name.  From the Canadian Tenors (an 'Oprah Show' surprise with Celine Dion), to kd lang, to the Norwegian Pop Idols, to Lord Byron of Rock and Roll himself, it's such a lovely song, hope you enjoy at least one version! 

btw I've heard them all this morning - or at least part of them. Including Justin Timberlake's beautiful performance from the Hope for Haiti Now concert. But that one's kind of sad obviously, so maybe I shouldn't even mention it. Because I don't want to think of earthquakes today. Damnit. Now I'm thinking of earthquakes. And the 2003 Tsunami because it popped up in the YouTube list (as it sometimes does) when I was searching and I couldn't resist watching the extreme footage. 


I really think Naomi Watts should've won the Oscar for her performance in The Impossible, don't you? That nail-biting flick about the disaster? I mean, I adore J-Law more than anything, and I thought she did a bang-up job in Silver Linings Playbook - and would've deserved to win the Oscar any year - other than the year Naomi was up for The Impossible. But that's just my opinion. 

Okay, now I'm thinking of poor Naomi Watts and how depressed she must've been to lose what could be her last shot at an Oscar to a new starlet half her age. Plus tsunamis. And earthquakes.

In a way, though, that's appropriate for this morning, too. Because even though I'm always trying to bring a little levity and iconoclasm to the discussion of alcohol addiction (somebody has to!), it really is a sad thing. And now I'm thinking about all the sad times my addiction once brought me. And my mother when she was drinking heavily. And so many other people. Oh, man. 


Shit. Anyway, JT's version is gorgeous, so it's there too. 

Wow. This all took a turn for the worse, didn't it? Sorry about that. 

Where was I again? Oh yeah. ;) 

  1. Lenny!

    Celine & the Tenors

  1. kd lang

    The Norwegian Pop Idols