Sunday, April 27, 2014

Day 1 - Never On A Sunday?

It's the first day of my annual spring cleanse! The sun is shining. The birds are singing.  And I could really use a drink. ;) Ha!!

Actually, so far so good. Though it's only been about five conscious hours. I've already had the first of many ginger/milk thistle herbal teas I'll have this month. Not to mention water. I'll have to pop out for some supplies - i.e. non-boring non-alcoholic beverage options. They're out there, I promise, but you have to root for them.

I've never started a cleanse on a Sunday before. Or any day of the weekend. I usually start midweek so that I can end midweek, giving myself enough padding between the end of the cleanse and the weekend. Because you really have to go easy when you come off a cleanse - as I've said many times. And since I've always associated weekends with ... well ... not going easy, I usually stay away from them to begin or end a cleanse. But because of the hubs' birthday and everything else this month, Sunday it is.

Again, I'm amazed at how easily cleansing can adjust to whatever your needs or schedule. I'm just wondering how things will feel in terms of weekends. The four different weekends of a cleanse all have very different feelings. The first one is always the longest by far. But now, the first weekend is already half over. And then, the last one will be half over when the cleanse finishes on May 25th. Of course, there are a lot of days between now and then. Twenty-eight to be precise. And it still feels like a long ways off.

But that's always the case. No matter how many cleanses I've done. When you start - six months or a month, it doesn't matter - a cleanse always seems to yawn impossibly long in front of you. It's like the last week of school.

When you're in Grade 6.

And have a cute date to the 'prom.'

And the perfect dress (or in my memory, orange bell-bottom pants that exactly match your best friend Tracey's orange bell bottom pants).

It's like that.

Times ten.

But I'm in good spirits so far. Will keep you posted!