Thursday, January 23, 2014

DUI's and Dont's

Open letter to fellow Canadians Rob Ford and Justin Bieber:

(FYI: Mayor Ford has apparently fallen off the wagon in a very public way and Mr. Bieber is currently sobering up in a Miami Beach holding cell after drag racing and a DUI.

Dear Mayor Ford and Mr. Bieber, 

Guys ... we all know alcohol can be fun. But it can also cause a lot of problems - as I don't have to tell you two. 

I'm not going to pass judgment. But if you're suffering on the inside (cuz you seem fine with the situation on the outside), check out this blog about how I solved my own drinking problem - without quitting forever. It's a simple, natural system that really works for me. 

You may not get as much media attention ... but you'll probably live longer. 

Much love,
Ms. Functional

p.s. Justin ... drinking and driving's a no-no. Even if Mayor Ford has done it. And even if you're in a cool car. You're lucky your cute ass is still alive.