Monday, December 23, 2013


Well ... I don't have a liquor store gift bag to show you that folding trick. I was literally going to video it and be all like, yeah, Martha Stewart. But as I've proven many, many times already ... I ain't no Martha. I'm Ms. Functional. Basically the opposite of Martha.

So here's the low-tech version. ;) Get a plain flat paper bottle bag. Put the bottle in the bag first. This step is very important. Obviously. Then fold the bag down 4-5 times, alternating directions. First fold back, second forward, third back, etc., like an accordion bellows. The folds should be about a quarter to half an inch wide, depending on how tall your bottle is. When it's all folded, staple the middle of the folded section to seal it. See? This is why it's important to put the bottle in the bag first. Then take the outside free edges of the pleats and pull them upward toward each other like closing a tissue paper wedding bell. Then stable those two free edges together so that you get a sort of circular pleated fan effect. Almost like a flower at the top of the bag. Tah dah!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. A video would be worth a million. But wtf! I thought I'd give it a shot - for those of you into craft projects passed on circa 1800s style. In plain old words. ;)

Hope you're on track for whatever the season holds for you!! And if you're in Toronto, that you're safe and sound. The city is basically shut down because of an ice storm yesterday. Hundreds of thousands of people are without power. Trees and hydro lines are coming down everywhere because of the weight of the ice. And some neighborhoods are expected to be blacked out until Christmas Day. Yikes. I know there are bad storms in other parts of the world too, so good luck to anyone who has to dig out!

Now, for some Grinch-y reason, my computer is acting up and only letting me type about five words before it stops, gives me a dire warning about shutting down, spits out a disc I have running - almost like sticking out its tongue- then it growls at me for a few seconds, before doing it all over again. Obviously, a heathen Scrooge of a machine just wanting to make things hard.

But I had to stop in and say HAPPY HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! Stay well, have fun, enjoy everything! And ... BREATHE!! Oh. My. God. Every now and then, stop and take a deep breath.

This is all supposed to be fun, remember?!!

Much love!