Sunday, November 17, 2013


Wednesday morning? Yay!
Thursday? Yay!!
Friday, Saturday? Yay yay!!
Sunday - ugh.

First hangover in weeks, obviously. It's so easy to overdo it when you come off a cleanse - and I overdid it yesterday. So ... when you come off a cleanse, do as I say - not as I do. ;)

Fun, though.

I'm rehydrating, drinking ginger tea & lots of water. I've got ballet class this morning, too.

Somebody stop me! Somebody!! Please!!

Apparently, though, working out is a great cure for hangovers. I've never personally used it (aspirin, water & time seem easier), but I remember reading in Drinking: A Love Story that Boston-native & A.A. member Caroline Knapp used to go rowing on the Charles River when she was hungover.  Talk about a high-functioning alcoholic. A little out of my league, though. Will have to see what happens when I belly up to the barre. ;)

I'll also be navigating the crowds for Toronto's Santa Claus Parade today. It'll be in full swing when class is over. Wish me luck!

Speaking of class, I briefly mentioned my ballet buddy, Alisha, a while back. We had a lovely wine-free lunch during the last week of my cleanse. Dessert can be just as yummy as a glass of wine, btw. ;) And nothing beats good company. It's funny - but there have been people in my life that I haven't spent ten sober minutes with. I'm serious. Because the wine and/or bubbly got opened the second we said 'Hi!' And didn't stop flowing until we said "Bye." I think you know real friends by how much sober time you can spend with them! ;)