Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Day 1 - Begin Again!

Hey. Okay, really. I mean what is my damage? Was I that looped out on my post-birthday crash during my last post that I remembered every single ounce of booze I drank that day right down to the last drop - but screwed up the start date of my cleanse? Yes. That's what happened.

So today - Wed Oct 16 - is actually the first day of my fall cleanse. Not the 15th as I so groggily reported last week.

I'm deep into the novel right now so I'm thinking instead of writing as much on the blog this cleanse, maybe I'll post some videos and things. Hints, pics, maybe even readings from the cleanse book. I think it'll be helpful - and it'll keep me in touch. I've gotten so used to blogging during my cleanses, I don't think I could go cold turkey without you. ;) So stay tuned!

In the meantime, when you're starting your cleanse ... check your calendar dates carefully before you announce it to the world. You know, so then people will think you know what you're talking about. Which is really helpful.

Another hint? Especially on the first morning of a cleanse (I've talked about this before - and I'll mention it many times, I'm sure), when you feel that first craving or regret or "Oh no! Man, I can't do this!" creep into your thoughts (or pound you over the head, as the case may be), take a deep breath. Just take a deep breath and smile to yourself and know a month is a very short period of time. So is six months, for that matter. So when you feel those fear and insecurities, breeeeeeeeeeeathe.  Because deep breathing feels almost as good as a slug of wine. ;)

Almost, anyway. But that's why we invented wine in the first place.