Thursday, September 19, 2013

Home Buddies

 Hey! Good news to report from the home front. No drunken fights, no projectile vomiting, no attempted murders!! Yayyyy!

It was actually a really wonderful trip. Lots of love and good vibrations and great food! If you're ever in the Great White North, you gotta check out Tommy's Not Here for dinner. Some of the most delicious and creative cuisine I've ever had outside of a megopolis. And Tutti Frutti for breakfast was awesome too. 

We had to go to Science North - just for old time's sake. I worked there one summer as a science demonstrationist - I mentioned that before. We had a nice lunch at the center - certainly more pleasant than the last time my mother and I were there, about fifteen or twenty years ago. That day ended in a drunken strangulation attempt. In a moving car. I'm not kidding. I was the drunk one. Not Mom. Good God. Honestly, I was so angry at her, at myself, at everything back then, that I actually tried to strangle my mother while she was driving the car. 

That time, after a nice lunch at Science North, my mom drove me to a friend's place where I polished off a whole bottle of rum, one big glass after anther. My friend looked at me as if I'd gone insane. When my mom came to pick me up, I basically was insane. And nonsensically drunk. I lashed out at her, for no specific reason that I remember, except that we used to push each other's buttons a lot more back then. 

Now, for instance, I don't care that she has different decorating tastes than me. Or that I'm not from some rich family on the Upper East Side. Or that I grew up in a home where alcohol abuse was normal. I don't know whether it's getting older or wiser (or both), but here's Mom and me at lunch at the same resto a few days ago: smiling, healthy and happy to be together. And no attempted murders!

I honestly believe that cleansing has put me in a better place - in general. I drank quite a bit this weekend (fun!) but I never turned into a basket case, I never got angry or depressed, and I didn't lose control. That's par for the course for me now and I have confidence in that. So I think all the stress and tension associated with drinking (and life!) eases and I can just relax and enjoy myself more. 

By the way, I'm on back-to-back cleanse days right now - two in a row. The day after we got back, I tried to get into the swing of things, and felt a bit sluggish. I just couldn't face a dry night. So midway through the day I decided to make it a drinking night, not a cleanse night, which is what it would normally be. Which is why I'm doing two back-to-back cleanse days right now. I think I should make up a new Wildcard Rule - that a vacation actually lasts until the second night you get home. No cleanse days necessary! ;) 

Anyway, two non-drinking days will be good for me. Especially with a monthly cleanse coming up. I haven't decided when it's starting exactly, but one way or another, there'll be a couple of weeks without cleanse days. And then one whole month of them. So I might as well get in the swing. 

btw, here's evidence of one of the big milestones of my drinking career: the upstairs bathroom where I remember being drunk for the first time. I was with my BFF and my little brother. It was a formative experience for me - obviously. I just loved the feeling of being drunk so much. Shoulda known there'd be some problems down the road. Anyway, here's me talking to myself in the same mirror I looked into that night ... while also showing off my mom's new bathroom reno. (I'm kidding about the reno. ;) 

(removed in the sake of good taste!! Honestly ... an old toilet? Good God!! Who needs to see that? I've outgrown the shame I felt about growing up poor -  but not enough to permanently subject anyone to photographic evidence! So picture a bathroom circa 1976 ... and picture me waaaaay too young to be staring at my drunk reflection in a mirror! If you must see the damn thing, write me and I'll send it to you! Honest!)