Monday, September 23, 2013


So this 61-year-old Texas man walks into the emergency ward, stumbling, slurring, obviously drunk. They check his Blood Alcohol Content and it's .37 - five times the legal limit in the Lone Star State. The man swears he hasn't had a drop of alcohol all day, but that this isn't the first time it's happened to him. He just gets spontaneously drunk. Hmmmm ...

Once the lab coats got hold of him, they found an overgrowth of a certain strain of yeast in his stomach - and it was fermenting all the carbohydrate-rich foods he ate (pasta, potatoes, bread, etc.) into beer - right in his stomach! Kinda gross. But you can't beat the convenience. Or the price. ;) 

It's a very rare condition (they've only seen a handful of cases in thirty years). The doctors who treated him believe it can be traced to a round of antibiotics he took in 2004. The meds killed all his 'good bacteria' and the bad guys have been growing ever since, basically turning his body into a micro-brewery. He was put on medication and a low-carb diet and is expected to make a full recovery. 

My guess is within a couple months of not getting spontaneously drunk, he's going to want his yeast back. ;) 

Here's the full story.

btw ... that video I shared last time.  For the record, the young drunk trio did not spend the entire night in the loo. We laughed and drank and listened to music and danced and drank some more. Only when my BFF had to toss her cookies did we end up in there. She was soooo sick that night - and yet I was feeling unbelievably great. And I was ready for more. 

It was my first indication that I didn't handle alcohol the same way as most people. That I could drink more. And that I wanted to drink more. I remember that moment in front of the mirror so clearly, I had to share. Comet cans, old toilets and all. ;) I write about that night in the new book btw. It's one of my Blackouts and Memories stories. The book's 'in the fridge' for a few weeks before I take one last pass. But it's out soon! :)