Friday, September 13, 2013

Booze Cruise

So with my first visit home in a few years looming, I've been thinking about trippin'. You know - what to pack, what to do, what to drink. ;)

Apparently, so have Beyonce and Jay Z who just did a 5-day luxury cruise of the Mediterranean. They made sure they had all the sailing essentials, too - like $20,000 worth of booze. And we're not talking cases of brewski and boxed wine here, but twenty grand worth of Dom PerignonRemy Martin and Belvedere, the world's "first super premium (yes, super premium) vodka." Jay Z loves his fancy spirits, apparently. But when it comes to eating on board, he's much more laid back, because the crew also stocked things like Skippy Peanut Butter and Cheerios. (I just love thinking of the uber-power couple eating cereal on deck ... cute!) Here's the full story from Express. 

Beyonce posted lots of pics of the trip on her Instagram account - and here it is: Bey's Vacay Pics. (You're welcome!) 

Incidentally, there's a cruise in my hometown too - and my mom wants us all to go on it. It's a tour of a really pretty lake right in the heart of town and I'm sure it's a lovely way to spend an hour - especially since the cruise is licensed!  (Um, yay!) Still, something tells me it ain't no yacht in the Mediterranean, so probably no need to Instagram pics of me in my parka sipping cheap wine from a plastic glass. But ya never know. ;) (Sudbury Boat Tours)

btw, E-Online is reporting Queen Bee circulated this pic of herself having a drink of something fun looking on a beach - but it's in Brazil. Hmmm ... Either E's researchers got their facts wrong - or, yes, B & J are just sailing around the world getting drunk on Dom. (Sigh ... one can always dream.)

Beyonce, Instagram