Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Plot Thickens

The L.A. County Sheriff's Department has put a 'hold' on the investigation into Lisa Robin Kelly's death last week because the case is being labeled 'suspicious.'

Kelly was declared dead by the doctor at her Cali rehab clinic last Thursday at around 8am. However, the L.A. Coroner's Office didn't find out about the death until noon when they saw - get this! - a post about the story on  (Just trying to picture this, btw. Pathologists eating lunch while surfing TMZ with a dozen body bags in the background. "Hey, dude. Ya see this?" Only in L.A., right? ;)) 

The Coroner is also calling into question the initial cause of death. The on-call doc declared it an embolism at the time, but the M.E.'s office says that's impossible to determine without an autopsy. According to the clinic, Kelly was also on rehab drugs, but the toxicology report isn't in yet so that remains to be seen.

I was a mid-level fan of That 70s Show back in its hey-day - not uber, but I tuned in often enough. I quit before the show did, but all this talk of Kelly's death had me morbidly curious. So I PVR'd a few episodes Kelly was in. She was in about 50 eps next to Ashton Kutcher's 184 and Mila Kunis's 201. 

(These two, as you probably know, are now a real life couple. There are even new rumors of an engagement.  It's strange to watch them in scenes together all those years ago. It makes you wonder ... did the romance start then? Were they just friends? Did they have some 'deal' going on they'd hook up down the road? After Ashton surfed on Demi's juicy fame and age-difference tabloid shocker news for a few years? I know she's hot and super-fab, I know!! I L-O-V-E Demi - and Kutch and Mila btw - but c'mon! You've thought of it too! Anyway, the real-life plot of That 70s Show is way more intriguing than the TV series ever was.) 

So back to Ms. Kelly. I apologize for the tacky digression. The actress was absolutely lovable as the sexy, dumb blonde Laurie Forman. Her role ended in 2003 when she left the cast ('Laurie' supposedly went to beauty school). After that, she basically fell off the radar - except for DUI's and other legal run-ins. So I've been trying to piece together the events that led to her death at such a young age, when she clearly had so much going for her. 

Remember the opening credit  sequence with the cast rotating in the front and back seats of a car singing "We're All Alright!"? In the early days, Lisa was in those shots, singing away happily. Naturally, being in such a small percentage of shows, she wasn't in nearly all of them. Yet those scenes are indelible. And both Ashton and Mila went onto such huge success. Kutcher in the news and commercials all the time. Watching Mila's rise to Hollywood superstar. She even made #1 on FHM's 100 Sexiest Women In The World list back in May - the same month Kelly filed for a restraining order from her husband after domestic abuse problems (she was also charged with spousal abuse back in 2012). I just hope she wasn't watching a lot of TV Land repeats or reading too many tabloids. Could really put the zap on an actress's head. No wonder she drank. 

OBVIOUSLY I'm kidding. Partly, at least. As most experts will tell you, alcoholism is a disease and you don't need a 'reason' to develop it. But I'm a writer! I think about these things. Plus, I'm of the theory that not every case of alcohol abuse/addiction/dependence is a disease.  I've come too far with my own condition through cleansing to feel that I have some incurable disease. However - I also wouldn't take anyone to the mat for disagreeing with me. Because I know there's still much we have to learn about alcohol and the human condition. 

By the way, Ms. Kelly also suffered from a congenital heart defect - and more than likely, it helped contribute to her deteriorating health and early death. One thing is for sure, as more details arise, I'll be on the case. 

That's enough of my Perez/TMZ/National takeoff. I had no idea I had so much to say about the AshDemMil love triangle. But the L.A. County Coroner obviously surfs TMZ every now and again, too. Must be summer. ;)