Monday, August 26, 2013

The Hangover's Over

Former boxing champ Mike Tyson is no stranger to controversy. After being the youngest man ever to win major heavyweight titles at 20, "Iron Mike" followed up his victory by getting convicted and imprisoned for rape. Back then, it was hard to believe anyone would ever say his name in public again.

He followed that up by trying to resuscitate his boxing career, fighting Evander Holyfield twice in the 90s. The second time, you'll remember, he had a little ring-rage and took a bite out of Evander's ear. Which took a big bite out of his boxing career, too. He started stacking on the pounds and nobody would've been surprised if he ended up on a permanent TKO.

But then Hollywood came calling. Although he'd been in smaller productions previously, it was his portrayal as himself - an over-the-top, tiger-loving, face-tattoo-wearing former champ - in the smash comedy The Hangover that won him mass appeal. His honesty, his uniqueness, his willingness to spoof himself, was just what he needed to turn his image around. He's been in a total of 21 titles now, including a one-man Broadway show soon-to-be an HBO film directed by Spike Lee.

Through all of this, Tyson battled his addiction to drugs and alcohol, including a 2006 DUI and cocaine possession charge. But for the last three years, Tyson claimed he was sober.

However, he's now admitted he's been lying about that - and that he's a "vicious alcoholic" who's afraid he might die. He's been sober for about a week now and claims that's a "miracle" for him.

Here's hoping Mike finds the strength he needs to battle this particular opponent. Addiction can be a tough one ... but judging from his life story, you probably wouldn't want to bet against him. ;) Here's the full story from Fox Sports. And more about the new film, Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth.

And here's his confession two days ago about his ongoing battle against addiction ... Good luck Iron Mike!