Friday, August 16, 2013

That 70s Showdown

More bad news out of Hollywood. Troubled actress Lisa Robin Kelly died Wednesday night at a rehab facility after checking herself in for alcohol addiction. Only 43 years old, she played the oldest Forman sister on That 70s Show. Lisa had been fighting alcoholism for years and had been arrested four times since 2010 - for DUI among other things.

Initial reports suggested the star may have been using drugs because needle marks were visible on her arm when paramedics arrived at the California rehab facility. However, her boyfriend reported that the marks were actually made by nurses trying to find a vein to extract blood when he took her to the hospital on Sunday. At the time, her BAC was .34 - potentially fatal.

Lisa was actually forced to leave That 70s Show in 2003 because of her alcohol abuse problems ... That was only ten years ago. And now she's gone?

More details will surface in the coming days, I'm sure - but here's a report from There's more info and some pretty heartbreaking photos, too. A physical time lapse of the toll the addiction was taking on her ... :( RIP, Lisa.