Monday, July 1, 2013

Bumps & Booze

So I got a fly in my chardonnay on Saturday. Seriously. At a backyard barbecue. And it was a motherf*cking Navy Seal of a fly too. No picking that sucker out. As I poured what was left of my wine out onto the grass, I remembered the last post and thought: "Now that's definitely ironic."

Know what else smacks of irony? And after this, I'll leave the topic alone. Promise. ;)

It's ironic not drinking for nine months when you're pregnant - or almost as bad, having a couple drinks and then enduring whole trimesters of guilt, shame and terror as you picture your baby coming into the world with two heads and flippers. Ahhhhhh!!

And then - once baby is safe and sound in your lap, you're trembling and sweaty and leaping for your first drink in nine months - only to learn from your perfect sister-in-law who just got pregnant (with twins, of course) that moderate alcohol consumption is perfectly fine for pregnant women. She says this as she pops a bottle of Veuve to celebrate.


The study was conducted at the School of Social and Community Medicine at the University of Bristol.  It found that moderate alcohol consumption (up to seven glasses of wine a week) does not harm the baby - and will probably be much appreciated by Mom, too. The key is moderation, of course! Heavier drinking will still cause dreaded Fetal Alcohol Syndrome so steer clear of too many tequila shots on girls' night.

Hmmmm. This certainly makes the prospect of getting pregnant a lot more appealing, doesn't it? For more information, here's the full article from The Guardian. I predict a baby boom!