Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Whisky A Gone-Gone

Hodge podge of news today. Sad for whisky lovers, though! Because an American whisky shortage is causing mass hysteria is places like - everywhere!  Okay, maybe not hysteria - but stockpiling at least. And a few shaky hands.

The popularity of American whisky and bourbon has grown so much in the last ten years that suppliers can't keep up with the demand. Producers of Maker's Mark even announced they were going to start watering down their bourbon to keep the shelves stocked. But there was such an uproar the company nixed that idea asap.  The news did result in many customers stockpiling the brew though and that had competitors crying: publicity stunt!

Other than the fact American whisky is just plain yummy, increased demand among young drinkers is partly responsible. As well as emerging markets like China and India whose consumers can't seem to get enough of the golden elixir. Another important factor is that you can't just whip up a batch of whisky - it takes a minimum of two years to age - often longer. There are also tons of regulations on whisky producers which prevents them from mass-producing crappy brew just to keep up with random demand changes. However, the end result is that no matter when or where you buy your American whisky, it'll always be top notch. (Here's the original article.)

In other news, the U.S. Treasury Department has approved nutrition labels for alcohol. Producers lobbied for labels to help promote the low calorie and carbohydrate levels of many of their products and consumers wanted alcohol to have the same transparency as everything else we drink. So now we're going to know exactly how little nutritional value there is in most alcoholic beverages. :(

Take a look at this RDA alcohol nutrition label: Vitamin A 0%, Calcium 0%, Vitamin B-6 0%, Magnesium 1%! Hey, for peeps with a magnesium deficiency, 100 drinks would get you your daily requirement of this important mineral. ;)

If this all goes through, I think they're going to have to add a new category though. You know, right after grams of carbohydrates but before grams of protein. GRAMS OF FUN! ;)