Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Too Cheap Or Not Too Cheap?

Today is an On-Day or a Drinking Day 

Getting ready for last-minute visit with a friend this afternoon. I want to bring a bottle of wine to the house, but I only have a cheap French white in the fridge. $11.95 here, even less in some places.

I love it as one of my everyday wines, but I usually try to be more generous when I bring a bottle to someone's house.  So, do I rush out early and stop at a liquor store to pick up something more flashy? 

Or do I let the chick know that - hey, cheap French wine ROX!!

Of course ... so does cheap Californian ... and cheap Italian ... and ... you get my point. ;) 

For the record it's La Vieille Ferme Luberon - and the connoisseurs didn't diss it, so I may save myself a trip.  The experts also say not to let this vintage "age."  

So I guess that's another check in the hellz-yeah-drink-it-today box!! 

Ahh ... dilemmas.