Monday, June 17, 2013

Midnight Mayhem

Today is an On-Day or Drinking Day 

It was great waking up Saturday morning completely cobweb free. Because Friday was a cleanse day, I got tons done. Normally I get more drinking done on Fridays ... and a little less of everything else. ;)

But I'd totally recommend shaking up your week like this. Part of the reason the plan works so well is because it's flexible. So if Friday's a really busy day or night for some reason, take it as a cleanse day. You'll be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed Saturday morning - great for taking the kids to soccer practice - and you'll be really looking forward to the rest of the weekend. Because both Saturday and Sunday were drinking days for me. Plus it's fun to turn one of your other cleanse days into a drinking day to make up for the change. In this case, as I mentioned, I took Thursday as an on-day, when I usually cleanse.

btw - if you're up past midnight on a cleanse day and the clock strikes midnight, officially it becomes a drinking day, right? So if you're in the mood, there's nothing wrong with a late night sip on the plan.

For instance, the hubs got in late from being out of town on Friday. We chatted a bit and suddenly it was midnight. Saturday! The cleanse day was officially over.

"You feel like a nightcap?" the hubs asked, looking at the clock, grinning.

I thought about it. Yawned. Stretched. Blinked. And decided, nope! I was too tired. It would be a waste of energy, time - and good wine. So I hit the hay and had a nice long sleep instead.

But there have been occasions where I've poured a glass of wine at midnight after a cleanse day. It can be fun and relaxing - especially if it's not a school night.

However, you shouldn't be sitting by the clock with a glass in one hand and a bottle in the other, waiting for the clock to strike twelve after every cleanse day! That's taking advantage of the already pretty cushy rules of cleansing! So try not to make it a habit!

btw going to have some good news for tomorrow! Drinking moderately can actually help you stay slimmer. Sound too good to be true? The scientists can back it up. Will have the deets next time!