Friday, June 21, 2013


Today is a Drinking Yay! I mean Day

Lots to celebrate today. It's Friday, it's an on-day and it's the first day of summer!

In honor of the solstice, here's a lovely summer cocktail. A little more challenging than my usual pop & pour libations, but the lady's got a nice accent and there are lots of gorgeous shots of a dreamy life in California.

btw if you're not into complicated cocktails, below is YouTube footage of summer solstice celebrations at Stonehenge. About 20,000 people show every year to mark the turning of the seasons. 

This mysterious World Heritage Site, believed to have been built around 2500 BC by aliens and/or Druids and/or Witches and/or Various Other Pagans - or quite possibly just some really strong folks who hadn't discovered cocktails yet - is getting a multi-million dollar revamp to improve traffic congestion and generally protect the area. (Stonehenge predates the Roman Empire, so contrary to popular belief they probably didn't have anything to do with it.) 

I made a pilgrimage to Stonehenge back in 1989. On foot. With my backpack. I can't remember if we walked because we were ambitious - or just hungover and missed the bus. But it really was an eerie, moving, 'magickal' place.

I wonder if the renovation includes putting in a bar? Because I don't remember a single cocktail in sight back then. Good thing there were several stops at ancient pubs on the trek there. btw, I still use my black leather Stonehenge bookmark everyday. Twenty-five years later, it's still in mint condition ... Hmmmm ... Spooooky!