Thursday, June 20, 2013

Happy, Healthy Heart

Cleanse Day

So I showed up with the humble vintage yesterday - and it was much appreciated! :) The two of us happily polished off the bottle.

Which meant of course ... extra wine for me yesterday. I didn't actually get day-drunk but put it this way: my system is going to appreciate a cleanse day today. ;) I even found myself popping back a couple aspirin this morning.

But the great thing is I'm not cringing with shame, guilt or remorse - like when I overindulged in the old days. There's no comparison in terms of scale of course , but still - the whole point of cleansing is to be able to enjoy yourself every now and again. Besides, the experts say aspirin is good for the heart, right? And I know cleansing is good for the soul. 

A questionable segue here, but one I want to make.  Especially in light of James Gandolfini's death yesterday - of an apparent heart attack - at only 51. Because I just learned some IMPORTANT news about pain killers and your health.

As I mentioned, aspirin can be good for your heart, but to make sure it's right for you, check out this info from the Mayo Clinic.

MORE IMPORTANTLY- I always thought ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin) was also good for your heart. But I just learned ibuprofen can actually raise the chance of a fatal stroke in healthy individuals by as much as 29%!  Other common pain killers like Voltaren can increase the risk of heart disease by 91%! If you're concerned about how your pills perform, check out the results of this Danish study about the dangers of common drugs.

I'm sure you'll be hearing a lot about Mr. Gandolfini in the coming days. But here's a tidbit you might miss: his father was a chief maintenance worker at a Catholic high school and his mother was a school lunch lady. In New Jersey, no less. Doesn't that seem perfect somehow? Especially for our conflicted anti-hero, Tony.

If you have five minutes, here's the final scene from The Sopranos. Even more moving now than when it went off the air almost six years ago to the day - June 10, 2007. I actually started to bawl.

RIP James.