Friday, June 7, 2013

Girl Walks Into A Bar

Great post by Leah Odze-Epstein at this week about how she's uncomfortable going to bars alone. She loves going to restaurants by herself - but not bars.

I'm the same way. Having a glass of wine alone in a resto is no problem for me. It was even one of the carrots I dangled in front of my nose in Under Pressure last week. I almost always have something to eat, usually have a book or some 'phone work' to do. Sometimes I even call someone to chat or whine with my wine. And 99 times out of 100 I'll keep it down to one glass. Even if I do SUPERSIZE when I can. ;)

But I've never gone to a bar alone either. Waiting for someone in a boutique hotel bar, that's fine. But one of those dark, dank places that still smell like cigarettes even though indoor smoking was banned eons ago? And dishes of peanuts so old they've actually sprouted into a vegan superfood? Um ... no. Not yet, anyway.

I don't know whether it's fear I'll meet some dangerous stranger. Or if it's just that I would feel too desperately alcoholic if I went to a bar alone. With my history, I'm not sure I'd feel comfortable just sitting there having a drink in a place "just for sitting and having a drink." Since I haven't crossed this one last drinking threshold, it must mean 'rock bottom' is still waaaaaay below me, right?


btw heard The A Team by Ed Sheeran on KISS 92.5 last night. Such a lovely song. Not spanking new, but about addiction. Crack cocaine in this case - a Class A drug in the UK (hence the name). Ed's in the news because he just released a new song with Taylor Swift yesterday - Everything Has Changed. So I'm sure we'll be hearing lots of him this summer. But The A Team is still a sad, moving video - with a very sobering message.

So no crack this weekend, ok? Gin/vodka/beer/wine/whisky/bourbon/scotch/absinthe, etc. But stay away from the hard! That'll really screw up your dopamine system. If you haven't seen it, here's the video!