Monday, June 24, 2013

Erin's Error

Erin Brockovich - the most famous law clerk in the world - became even more infamous earlier this month when she was charged with drunk boating in Nevada. She was arrested after police saw her doing a pathetic job of trying to park her boat on Lake Mead.

Erin explained she only had a couple of drinks that day, but without eating and after being in the hot sun, the booze must've gone to her head. Here's the unglam mug shot - sunburn and all. She's since been released on bail. 

Although some people are having a go at Erin for the blunder, drunk boating can be a serious problem. Alcohol plays a factor in 1/3 of all boating fatalities and some states, like Washington, are even increasing penalties to boaters who blow over the limit (0.08). In Canada, a third charge could send you to prison for 90 days. 

So with summer starting up, stay safe! Bring your sunblock, eat some sandwiches - and if you're the captain, save the beer for the dock!

Erin has apologized for the incident and hopes it doesn't detract from her work. She continues to be a consumer advocate, almost twenty years after winning the biggest class action law suit against a California gas company that allegedly poisoned the drinking water in Hinkley, CA. The incident inspired the 2000 flick starring Julia Roberts, who won the Oscar for portraying the ballsy, busty - and, as it turns out, occasionally boozy Broad-kovich. ;)

btw I was hoping to steer clear of James Gandolfini's death from here on in - just out of respect. But in light of the fact he had eight drinks with dinner the night he died, there's more to talk about. Just letting the details sift down ...