Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Eight Is Enough

 James Gandolfini's funeral is set for tommorow, Thursday. His death was ruled a simple heart attack - and I don't want to cast the shadow of alcohol abuse over that. But the star has struggled with cocaine and alcohol  addiction in the past - and when I heard the news, I wondered ...

But even if those troubles were behind him, Gandolfini had eight drinks over dinner the night he died. We can say that's excessive, yet this kind of alcohol tolerance is almost inevitable for heavy drinkers. The more you drink, the more you can drink.

That's because the livers of heavy drinkers produce more alcohol dehydrogenase, the enzyme needed to digest alcohol. The fact he was eating a large meal also helped slow down the absorption of alcohol which meant he probably wasn't even feeling the true effects of all the booze that night.

Don't we all remember a night like that - probably on vacation with people we loved - where the drinks just kept flowing and the food just kept coming, but we didn't feel drunk - so we kept having more, more, more?

I know I had a much higher tolerance to alcohol before I started cleansing. But regular breaks from drinking have lowered my tolerance substantially. I can say this because even as a 28-day cleanse approaches, I feel the addictive nature of alcohol setting in. I feel my tolerance beginning to raise. I can drink more (and I want more!) than I did just five months earlier when the last cleanse took place.

But that's exactly how this plan evolved. I kept working on it until ... it simply worked.

By regularly interrupting my exposure to an addictive substance, I can keep a balance in my life. I can still enjoy what's pleasurable about drinking - because there is real pleasure, can't deny that. But I no longer get to the point where I can't stop. And that was really the crazy pain of addiction. Wanting to stop and not being able to ... So I consider myself lucky. :)

btw - having lunch with a friend from ballet class today. It's a drinking day, natch. She doesn't know about my past troubles ... I wonder if it will come up. Hmmmmm ... ;)