Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Up 2 U

I was saving my debut wine for dinner last night - but while I was out I had quite a few blissful moments during the day, too.

Like walking past the liquor store - which can be a sort of bittersweet experience during the first week of a cleanse. But right after? Absolutely divine.

Then in the juice aisle at the grocery store - what?! You mean I don't have to drink juice tonight?

Or so much water that it feels like I run the special effects department for Life of Pi? 


But as great as it feels to end a cleanse, don't expect to see the Face of God when you start drinking again. You won't!

My first glass of wine last night was relaxing and wonderful. But it didn't send me to the bright side of the moon. I believe cleansing has "normalized" my reaction to alcohol. And I'm grateful for that because I can still enjoy drinking - but I'm not out of control (like the old days).

Chances are, cleansing will have helped normalize your system, as well. Meaning that first drink will be  great on a lot of levels - but it might not be the flashbulbs-and-fireworks reaction you'd expect. Whatever you do, don't reach for more drinks trying to increase your buzz. It's not healthy - and as I've said, after abstaining for a while, it can even be dangerous. 

Cleansing is not about partying your head off (not all the time, anyway!). It's about getting healthier - in every way. Learning to respect yourself more. And love yourself more. So enjoy the freedom of being able to drink again - but don't expect it to be New Year's Eve ... on a yacht ... in St. Bart's ... with the "Sexiest Man/Woman Alive" as your date.

Instead, revel in the private confidence cleansing gives you. The freedom. The independence. The hope.

New Year's Eve can come later. ;)

btw, if you really are feeling "down" at the end of a cleanse, think about what it means for you. Maybe what your system is telling you is that you want to use the cleanse as a springboard to permanent abstinence.

Maybe - unlike Ms. Functional - you don't really want to start drinking again.

So really search your heart. I know I poke fun at rehab and A.A. sometimes, but I'm not truly a hater. What I want to be part of is reversing the negative effects of alcohol abuse. For me that means regular cleansing.

But for lots of people, that means permanent abstinence. And if that's what feels right for you, I totally support that.

Here's the good news: if you've been on a cleanse, the hardest part of getting sober is behind you. You already have a head start!

You're welcome. ;)