Sunday, May 12, 2013

On Ice


  1. Ill effects caused by drinking an excess of alcohol.
  2. A thing that has survived from the past.

So yesterday morning (Saturday) I woke up with a bit of a hangover for the first time in ages. And yeah, that's including Vegas cuz we really didn't overindulge there. (I don't know whether I'm ashamed or proud of that, but there it is.)

It wasn't the sort of hangover where it feels as if your head is filing for divorce from the rest of your body. But I was definitely more aware of my head than I should be. Under normal circumstances, your head should just kind of ... y'know, be there. Not calling attention to itself in any way.

But yesterday, well ... I knew I had a head.

That's because alcohol dehydrates the whole body (that part most of us know). But your brain is 73% water, so when it's dehydrated, it literally "shrinks" away from your skull, causing a headache. The more booze, the worse the 'shrinkage.'

Since shrinking brains don't really seem to be something to strive toward as a species, keep the overindulging down to a minimum - and drink water, water, water, before/during/after/always/always!

Anyway, I wasn't in pain yesterday. I didn't even pop an aspirin. But it's just amazing how quickly your body gets used to not drinking alcohol. When you come off a cleanse, you really feel the effects of drinking - good and bad - on your system.

But that's one of the ways cleansing continues to work for me: it keeps me in touch with my overall health. Something you can start to lose sight of if you're drinking every day.

By the way, according to, wine causes worse hangovers than some spirits because of the number of additives. I'm a wine-lover so I guess that's the price I'll pay if I overindulge. 

Some people claim to not get hangovers if they drink vodka. I don't usually drink hard liquor anymore. However, I do love the odd vodka cooler every now and again. Especially Smirnoff Ice in the summer.

But if vodka doesn't usually cause hangovers ... how come I really feel it if I have one too many Ice's at someone's backyard barbecue?

That's because - as I just learned - Smirnoff Ice doesn't actually contain vodka. Surprising for one of the most famous vodka producers in the world. But Ice is a malt beverage - like beer. So that explains the crash after Ice. 

Speaking of ice ... I rarely mention sports, but it's just too much of a coincidence not to. Tonight is Game 6 of the Stanley Cup quarterfinals between the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Boston Bruins. The Leafs haven't been in the playoffs since they invented the puck, so everyone around here - including the hubs - is very happy. 

But ... did it have to be Boston?! Really?! I may not have guilt when it comes to drinking anymore, but I'm not a guilt-free zone!

As much as I want the Leafs to win, I actually feel bad when we score against Boston! Cuz ... well, I think it would be really nice if they won, too. Because of everything they've been through this year.

This makes me a terrible sports fan. And definitely not one you want on the couch next to you when anyone scores. "Uh ... yay ...? I guess ...?" Shrug. 

btw, that idiot who made a sign that said "Toronto Stronger" - a take on the "Boston Strong" slogan after the bombings? He's just a jerk. On behalf of all Torontonians (and generally decent people everywhere) I apologize for him.

Go Leafs ...! ... ?

Go ... Boston ...?

Go ... Team ...?

Maybe I should forget the hockey ice. And just stick to the Smirnoff instead. ;)