Tuesday, May 28, 2013


If you're interested in talking to your doctor about Harm Reduction Therapy (described in my last post), don't refer to it as HRT! I was just being a glib blogger there and using snazzy short-forms.

Because HRT usually refers to Hormone Replacement Therapy (as you probably know) and is most commonly used to treat the symptoms of menopause. So if you're a woman and you tell your doctor you're interested in HRT, you'll probably end up with a few creams and potions you didn't sign up for. (Though I hear they can put a real bounce in your step!) But no real help for your drinking problem.

Now if you're a guy and you tell your doctor you're interested in HRT, this could be the beginning of a very delicate discussion. One that might end with you saying something like: "Jeez, Doc!! No!! I don't want to become a woman!! I just need help with my -- Oh, forget it! I'm outta here!" And you'd hit the nearest bar for a drink. Or twelve.

So to clarify, for menopause and gender reassignment, it's Hormone Replacement Therapy.

For substance abuse it's Harm Reduction Therapy.

Of course ... you can just keep reading Ms. Functional. I may not be covered by insurance, but I'm also not charging.  So no harm done!

Or at least ... reduced harm done. ;)