Friday, May 31, 2013

Don't Smoke It!

You can smoke a lot of things. But alcohol? It's a growing trend among university guys, apparently, and it helps keep you slim while you party.

Using bicycle pumps, dry ice and various other paraphernalia, frat boys are going online to show each other that they can get drunk without actually drinking a drop.  This gives you a different kind of drunk - and cuts down on the calories you absorb. Because all growing boys are worried about their waistlines.

However, the vaporized alcohol goes straight to the lungs, bloodstream and brain, bypassing the stomach and liver. Health pro's warn this is more dangerous because the stomach is the body's built-in bouncer. We usually vomit when we drink too much and this helps us from getting alcohol poisoning - something that's a lot easier to do when you inhale booze. 

This overgrown co-ed calls himself L.A. Beast and his video demonstrating the growing trend has had over 2 million YouTube hits in four months! He smokes everything from Veuve to Bud to boxed wine and gets shit-housed doing it. But consider it an anti-instructional video ok? Because there are lots of fun things to smoke when you're in university without resorting to booze bongs!! But, hey, I'm old. 

For the curious, here he is with his #1 hit: 'Dude Gets Drunk Without Drinking 1 Drop ... '  (Warning: Dude must be making a killing drinking and eating things for YouTube. Because I've wasted a lot of my day watching him drink a 20 year-old Crystal Pepsi, then throw it up, eat whole lemons, polish off 6 bottles of pancake syrup ... you get the point.) For the serious, here's the original article about the dangers of smoking the night away.