Thursday, May 2, 2013

Day 25 - The Journey

A great way to make cleanses go by more quickly is to keep yourself busy. Every cleanse I have a list of at least half a dozen things I want to get done. This time around I wanted to paint my dressing room, clean the fridge, sand & paint the hall closet doors, fish out things I don't wear anymore for Goodwill, get tons of reading done. And most importantly, finish the e-book version of You've Got Another Drink Coming. 

I got about a DUI of that done. In other words, 0.08%.

But no biggie. I never finish all the projects I set out to do on a cleanse. This is a new low of course, but I don't feel guilty about it. Guilt when it comes to drinking is over for me. It might take a little effort purging yourself of alcohol-related guilt, but it's possible.

As for chores and projects, they're just supposed to help keep you busy and make time pass on a cleanse. If things are bopping along just fine and all you're doing is tending your couch-potato garden or watching the leaves come out on the trees after a long winter, no problem.

Because the only thing you really have to do on a cleanse is ... not drink.

Having said all of that, another thing I wanted to do was try to make this blog a little more tech-savvy. In case you haven't noticed, Apple won't be headhunting me for their I.T. department any time soon.

But I'm going to give it a shot. For instance, I've lost the "Welcome!" post that always had first place on the blog. When I started, I always pictured blogging about my cleanses as secondary to my fiction writing. So I came up with what I thought was a pretty brilliant 'cheat.' (Look up any of my old teachers: they wouldn't be surprised about that one!) I thought I would just cut-and-paste the "Welcome!" page every couple of days so it looked as if I had just written a fresh post to newcomers - when in fact, I might not have updated the information for over a week.

But much to my surprise, blogging has actually become more and more important to me. Even when I was sick and had a perfect excuse to slack, I hated not being able to write for so many days in a row.

Anyway, the offshoot of evolving is that I think I'm going to try moving the "Welcome!" information to the "How" tab. I want to experiment a little with Blogger's Mobile version. So far, I'm not very impressed. It's very boring and plain black-and-white. And with the "Welcome!" post always first, it's almost useless finding the new info.

I'm not sure whether I'll stick with it or not. Because I like the idea of a "Welcome!" post. I also really like the background of this blog. It was just a template that was available from Blogger when I joined (I'm not even sure it's there anymore). But as corny as it seems, it evokes something that feels "right" for cleansing to me.

Cleansing is a journey. And the road symbolizes that. It's also a peaceful, personal thing - and the country setting evokes that too. I love the colors of the blue sky and the green grass and trees. They remind me of nature - and a simple life. And cleansing is a very simple, natural thing to do.

I also love the touch of golden on the left - maybe it's a corn or wheat field. A symbol of bounty anyway and cleansing does help create a bountiful life. The little building off to the side might be a barn or a farmhouse - or even a country tavern. Whatever the case, it seems to represent a bit of civilization, a safe haven. Because as solitary a journey as cleansing ultimately is, you're never alone. There's someone just up ahead. A place to stop, a place to rest. And maybe a place to have a drink with a new friend before you head on your way again ...

(btw, the end of a cleanse can make you pretty sentimental ... ;)

3 days left to go! :)