Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Day 24 - Red, White and Rosy

That's the trailer for Smashed up there - the flick about alcoholism that I trashed/loved yesterday. Should've thought to include it. I've put it in yesterday's post - but if you're interested, this will save you a click.

So the hubs and I were having dinner last night and Billy Joel's The Stranger was spinning on the turntable.

(To protect my husband's audiophile reputation, he would never actually put on a Billy Joel record if I wasn't there - it's one of mine.)

Having said that, man it's a kick-ass album - and a super-awesome walk down memory lane. The Stranger was released on September 29, 1977 - about a week before my 14th birthday. It rings in at #70 on Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Albums of All Time with so many hits - She's Always a Woman, Just the Way You Are, Movin' Out, etc. - it's like an amusement park for your ears. I mean, if you're into big, sentimental, commercial hit music - as I am.

Anyway, one of the tunes is Scenes From An Italian Restaurant. At the risk of getting sued by Sony, here are the opening lyrics:

A bottle of white, a bottle of red,
Perhaps a bottle of rosé instead.

As it's playing, the hubs says: "Man, that must make you wish the cleanse was over."


"It's about wine."

I looked over at him and shrugged. "Didn't even think about it."

Seriously? I'm on the 23rd night of my cleanse, eating an Italian dinner ... and these lyrics didn't even register on me?

We were both kind of surprised. He said, "Every cleanse gets easier, doesn't it? There's a real seamlessness to it now. At least from the outside. You're less different. Life is less different. It's just not that big a deal."

"You're so right," I said.

Because it's absolutely true. This has been one of the easiest cleanses ever. Maybe my rehabilitation had something to do with it - I was definitely out of my normal rhythm. But you'd think that being sick would actually make me crave a drink more, just for a hit of bliss.  But it didn't.

And I'm almost done?!

(I should say that my husband doesn't have to cleanse. He's never had a drinking problem - thank God. He just doesn't drink in front of me when I'm cleansing, for moral support. I tell him it wouldn't bother me - and it wouldn't. But he says he actually likes cutting down twice a year, too. Hopefully your own partner can be just as supportive - and chances are, if you had a problem like mine, they will be.)

Talking about Scenes From An Italian Restaurant, we were having take-out lasagna from a local family-run place last night, Scaccia. The recipes are so homemade, they've got to be handed down through generations of nonnas.  The lasagna has about fourteen layers of paper-thin pasta (veggie, meat or chicken) and it's absolutely delish. What's even better, things are really busy for the hubs right now, so this is a fast, easy way to have a substantial meal.

Scaccia has a sit-down restaurant, but there's a separate counter for takeout and the young girls behind it are SO gorgeous, it's like they've all got to be contestants in the CHIN Picnic Bikini Contest or something.

FYI, CHIN is a group of multi-cultural radio stations originally started in the 1960s by Italian-Canadian Johnny Lombardi. The first CHIN picnic - with its controversial bikini contest - was in 1967. Even though it's a multi-cultural fest now, I'm old enough to still associate it with Italian-Canadians. Hence the reference to the pretty Scaccia counter girls who seem mostly of Italian descent.

If you're not familiar with the CHIN bikini contests, here's the press conference from last year. Despite the Hollywood sign, it was at Toronto's Liberty Grand Entertainment Complex.  The real contest takes place outside in the sunshine later in June, always signaling the welcome beginning of summer.  Incidentally, there was enough of an uproar about sexism that there's a Mr. CHIN contest now too. Talk about progress.

If you're sick of abs and bikinis, here's Billy Joel singing Scenes From An Italian Restaurant:

And if you're sick of abs, bikinis and Billy Joel, here are some different "chins" - singing What Is Love. 

Four days left to go!