Monday, April 15, 2013

Day 8 - Marbles Mayhem!

Okay, it's always AMAZING to get the first weekend behind you on a cleanse. Psychologically it feels like the most challenging one because ... well, it's the first one.

I'd be SUPER happy if I wasn't still dealing with the dregs of this damn cold. Wondering if it was turning into pneumonia, I googled the symptoms and - guess what? According to, the 'misuse of alcohol' can (somehow) cause pneumonia. Don't ask me how. They don't explain that part. But alcohol abuse causes everything, so what can ya do?

But I'm like, forget it! The whole reason I'm sick is because I didn't abuse alcohol! When I feel a cold coming on, I usually pour myself two BIG glasses of white wine, bundle up and sweat it out in bed for a couple of hours. Works like a charm. (Tylenol used to be part of that routine, but apparently Tylenol and liquor together are murder on your liver so ... I dropped the Tylenol! Go figure!)

Anyway, for whatever reason, I didn't do my home remedy of the wine when I started feeling sick last week and - if you ask me, - that's why I'm still sick!! I'd be out enjoying the first nice day in years if I'd just abused some goddamn alcohol in the first place!

But one thing has made me stop coughing and laugh today and that's blogger Jenna Marbles - and her hilarious Jenna Marbles YouTube Channel. This California-based comic/producer/all-around-crazy-gal has about eight billion followers, has won numerous awards and has made her pretty young ass very rich just by being her kooky self and letting the world see it.

In honor of the cleanse, here's her Drunk Makeup Tutorial! (Just a warning, she swears a lot ...)

20 days  ... and three weekends ... left to go!