Saturday, April 13, 2013

Day 6 - Sober Drugs?

Getting the first Friday night behind me is always a nice milestone. The pace of the weekends change when you cleanse. Things are calmer and quieter - for me anyway. Most of the people I know have always been 'drinking buddies.'

I've got one friend in A.A. whom it would make sense to see on a cleanse. I have in the past. But to tell you the truth, because she's in A.A., she doesn't necessarily "agree" with my cleanses, so we don't see each other as much anymore. She's never come right out and said that "you're insane for trying this!" or anything, but I get the little judgmental roll of the eye every now and again. Who knows? Maybe I'll look her up this cleanse ...

On the news front, researchers at UCLA have developed a 'nanocapsule' to counteract the effects of intoxication. They haven't tried it on humans yet, but it seems to sober up drunk lab mice.

The drug contains enzymes that act like liver cells in the stomach, digesting alcohol at a much higher rate. Consequently, the drunk mice are ready to get behind (on?) the mouse wheel sooner than the Mickey's who didn't receive the drug.

If it proves effective on humans, some day you could imagine bouncers and/or vending machines selling sober-up pills before you hit the parking lot after a night out.

For now though, it's just for mice. Which is a good thing because we all know the troubles caused by alcoholic mice. Broken cages, confused cats, mousey rehab. Sad situation.  (Here's the original article from the Daily Mail.)

I had no idea mice liked to drink so much until I YouTubed it. You can't keep the furry varmints out of the stuff. They seem to like to roll around a lot after drinking. One drunk mouse can even do mid-air somersaults - all day long.

But they're mice sooooo ... um ... there's still something sort of creepy about them, drunk or not.

Hammered hamsters on the other hand? Hilarz!!

I had hamsters when I was a kid and never once did I get them drunk. Wish it would've occurred to me. Could've charged the neighborhood kids admission for this one ... ;)